It’s a Christmas Party! For Charity!

December 14, 2019, Jank It Up Fuzzball, Coaxium Gaming, and Kingwood Hobbies will be holding their first inaugural Christmas Party for Charity! There will be a potluck dinner beforehand where we all get good and fed (if you’re unfamiliar with the term, potluck means everyone brings something to eat, and we all share). Once the food is out of the way, we will get down to the main event, a White Elephant Deck Exchange.

From the devilishly clever mind of Brian Piana comes the idea of a Kingwood Hobbies $10 Deck Dealer’s Choice White Elephant Exchange. This is like a normal gift exchange, except that you don’t have to bring anything. Kingwood Hobbies will have Dealer’s Choice decks built equal to the number of participants in the event. These will be all of the ‘gifts’ that would normally be in the gift exchange. Players will open and swap decks according to normal white elephant gift exchange rules, and then play a tournament with the deck they end up with. The deck is yours to keep!

The best of all of this is that it’s for charity! Of the $20 entry fee, $8 will cover the deck with the remaining cash going to Houston’s Toys-for-Tots program to help needy children have presents for Christmas!

Sign up ahead of time to make sure that you have a spot reserved.


Potluck Dinner – If you don’t want to eat, that’s totally cool. Dinner will be for everyone who brought things. We will start a message thread for the potluck to make sure we don’t have seventeen types of cookies and nothing else.

White Elephant Exchange

  1. There will be one Dealer’s Choice deck for each paid participant. No need to bring another gift.
  2. Players will be randomly assigned slots from 1 to N.
  3. The first player will choose a sealed deck. The team and decklist will be briefly shown to everyone.
  4. The next player will have the opportunity to steal the first player’s deck or choose a sealed deck.
  5. Anyone who has a deck stolen immediately takes a turn per number 4.
  6. Once a deck is stolen three times it is locked and cannot be stolen again.
  7. Once someone takes a sealed deck, play moves to the next slot.
  8. After the final player, and any subsequent steals, completes their turn, the first player may choose any unlocked deck for a final swap.

Tournament – The tournament will be a traditional Swiss style event with the number of rounds determined by the number of participants. We may or may not have a Top 4 cut depending on when the tournament gets started. We will know before the tournament starts.

Prizes – There will be sweet prizes for top performers. There will be many random drawings for door prizes. We do not know the exact prizes yet, but they will be good.