It’s Christmas Party Time!

We’re in the home stretch, folks. Less than a week until we host our Jank It Up Fuzzball/Coaxium Gaming/Kingwood Hobbies Holiday Party for Charity! I’m coming at you today with the final details to have us all ready to go on Saturday.


  • 12PM Potluck Lunch and Frivolity
  • 2PM Srs Bsns Destiny Fun

We’re in the home stretch, folks. Less than a week until we host our Jank It Up Fuzzball/Coaxium Gaming/Kingwood Hobbies Holiday Party for Charity! I’m coming at you today with the final details to have us all ready to go on Saturday.


The party itself will begin at noon with a potluck meal. Show up with your food at 12PM to get your grub on and hang out with your Destiny buddies for a couple of hours while we get ready for the main event. To make sure we don’t have 17 people bringing rolls, please take a moment and put your name down on what you’re bringing to the shindig.

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I’ve been approached by a number of people who have conflicting schedules around lunchtime. They want to play in the event, but they can’t make the potluck. That’s completely fine. If you can’t make the food part we will be very sad, but we still want you to show up and play games with us when you can.

At 2PM sharp, unless we’re all rotund and fat and sleepy from the food, we shall begin our event. Our event starts with a Deck Exchange. There will be a pile of wrapped Destiny Decks sitting and waiting for us to play with.

The Rules

  1. Players will randomly be assigned positions 1 through N.
  2. Player 1 will choose and unwrap a deck and reveal the team to the assembled masses. The contents of the deck will not be revealed at this time, but the player can look through it.
  3. Player 2 has a choice to steal Player 1’s deck or unwrap a new one. If they unwrap a new one, they will reveal the team and pass to Player 3. If they steal, Player 1 takes a turn.
  4. Repeat this through N players until all the decks are unwrapped and distributed.
  5. Note: a deck can only be stolen three times. At that time the deck is locked to the player.
  6. Once all the decks are open, Player 1 gets one final opportunity to swap with any unlocked deck.

Deck construction is well underway, but I’ve got a bunch more to go. Some of these are decks I’ve made and sold before while some are brand new concoctions.

Once all the decks are distributed, we will play a standard Swiss tournament with them, so make sure you end up with something you think is really good.


Our contact with FFG didn’t provide anything in the way of official prizes, but we’ve managed to come up with enough swap to make it worth your while to attend this shindig.

First up are the giveaways. Everyone who shows up will walk away with:

  • One Jank It Up Fuzzball Power Action Poker Chip
  • One complete set of six (6) Season 2 Destiny Promos

Next up are the door prizes. This time we’re doing something a little different for the door prizes. Instead of assigning a prize to a person, we will have a prize table with everything laid out. As your name is drawn for the door prize, you get to select a single thing from the door prize pool. This should let people walk away with something that’s more personally exciting to them. Also, everyone is getting a door prize. There will be enough prizes so that everyone has a choice of what to take home. Here’s what we have so far:

  • A one-of-a-kind prototype Dice Pool. These still aren’t available to buy yet, but I’ve decided to make this one single yellow dice pool available for this event. All the other ones in the wild are black, so you’ll have serious swag-cred.
  • One deck box from the World Championships in October. FFG gave these away one-per-person, but I happen to know people, so I got one to give away here.
  • Two copies of the “I Performed Violence” promo from the premium promo kit. These are sweet additions to Vader and Droids these days. These are given away as a pair because I don’t want them to get lonely.
  • One monochromatic Sentinel Messenger card from Worlds.
  • A heavy Executioner pin from Disney World.
  • Elite Series Squad Leader Stormtrooper figure from Disney
  • Titanium Series figures of Elite Praetorian Guard and a First Order Flametrooper helmets.
  • Three Ultimate Guard art binders for holding all your show-off cards. Given away individually.
  • One set of the participation Reylo cards from Prime events.

That’s it! That’s all you need to know to take part! All the profits for this event are being donated to Toys for Tots here in Houston, so come do your part to help out needy kids by chowing down on other people’s food and playing some Jank in a tournament. Brian and I are looking forward to having everyone come and have a great time at our event.